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Łukasz Starzak – zdjęcie

Dr Łukasz STARZAK, MSc(Eng) PhD

Assistant Professor



Lodz University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering
Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science
PL-90924 Łódź, ul. Wólczańska 221/223, building B18

1st floor, office 51
Ground floor, room 8 (Power Electronics laboratory, lab PPM)


+48 42 631 27 24bldg B18, office 51
+48 42 631 26 25bldg B18, office 14 (ground floor, close to lab PPM)
+48 698 999 853cell (students are kindly asked not to overuse)
+380 93 815 28 80cell during business travels to Ukraine


lukasz (dot) starzak (at) p (dot) lodz (dot) pl

I rarely have the possibility of answering your e-mail on the same day. Use phone if your matter is urgent.

Read before you write:

When sending me an e-mail, please make sure that:

Other mail may be automatically moved to the trash bin or be left without response for quite a long time.

Other web pages


Office hours

Constant times during semester

see the Department’s web site; look for Godziny przyjęć

Temporary changes and during examination periods or breaks

see the calendar and Pending information below

Meeting me at a different time

If necessary, you can come at a different time, also before/after the official working hours. This does not apply to overdue issues, including reports after deadlines, test resits etc.

You should be aware, however, that outside office hours I may be busy or out of the Department, so it will be better for you to arrange in advance by phone or e-mail. Please do not ask me the When may I come kind of questions. You should better look at my timetable (see below) and suggest a time for the meeting; I will then reply whether it is OK for me.

If I have a lecture scheduled on a given day, most probably I will have no time for you before it but I will afterwards.

Pending information

Professional activities calendar

English translation of terms: Godziny przyjęć = Office Hours; Wyjazd służbowy = Business Trip; Urlop = Vacation.

Unofficial calendar with academic year schedule for the Faculty (meaning WEEIA not IFE) which may be imported to, e.g., Google Calendar: [xml] [ics] [CalDAV]
(copy the ics link to the clipboard and, in Google Calendar, choose Other Calendars > Add > By URL, paste the address and click Add)


I always try to check your reports within 5 working days. I am sorry if for any reasons (usually important and resulting from other duties at the University) it proves impossible.

Rules applicable to reports

BSc and MSc theses

Topic choice

Available and completed topic list
detailed topic descriptions are not provided in English; come to discuss if you are interested in any of them

The scope of each thesis can be modified according to candidate’s own interrests; many topics can be adapted for a lower or higher cycle. Don’t hesitate to come and discuss this (also if you want the details to be translated into English for you). Your own topics are also welcome.

Your choice of thesis topic must be made in the official way, i.e. using a specific form that should be handed over to the IFE office. Please download the form from IFE web site, fill it out by copying the topic, print it out and bring it for me to sign.

Final exam

After your completed thesis is accepted, you should start the final exam procedure. Any further details may be obtained at the Department’s office (don’t follow procedures in use in other units of our Faculty).

Exception: the thesis copy intended for me

Links and downloads

Rules (in Polish)

Helpful resources (in Polish)

Practical training opportunity in Lviv

Starting from 2004, the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science in cooperation with the Department of Computer-Aided Design Systems, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine, has been organising summer exchange practical trainings for which I am responsible. The training duration is two weeks; it includes both a training and a sightseeing part. You will find detailed information in the presentation found on neo.dmcs.p.lodz.pl/~starzak/pub/praktyki.

Recruitment normally starts each year in April, which is advertised with posters in the Department. Any student from the EEIA Faculty can take part (including TCS and CS students from IFE), preference being granted to 3rd year Electronics and Telecommunications students. Contact me if you have any questions.

Panorama śródmieścia Lwowa z Wysokiego Zamku

Teaching activities

Objaśnienie skrótów

Current semester: 2017/18 Winter

Previous semester: 2016/17 Summer

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